About Us

The team behind powercasino.live has many years of experience from the iGaming industry and the Cryptocurrency Market and we’ve always had a dream to build our own crypto casino where 100% of all the profit turnover goes back to the players and also to all the holders of our very own cryptocurrency “POWER” coin. So whether you play in our casino or not, you can make a good steady passive ethereum income as just an investor and holder of our coin. Our dream is now a reality and we hope that it will show in the way we take care of you when playing with us.

We want to offer a super-fast and user-friendly website where everything is just one click away. No clutter or complications. All of our games are easily accessible, and your crypto deposits and withdrawals are dealt with swiftly via your MetaMask Wallet.

We add new games regularly so that we can bring you the latest, most innovative, and engaging games available on the market. If there are any games you like or miss, you can send us an email with a wish and we'll see what we can do. Remember that you always get the fastest response from us when you contact us in ourTelegram group

A Rewarding Casino in Many Ways

At powercasino.live, no matter how much you play there will always be rewards waiting. Loyal customers will be bombarded with surprise bonuses as you go along. In our casino players are always rewarded generously.

We are committed to being a 100% safe, transparet, secure, and reliable online casino. We think that from the very first moment you enter powercasino.live you only have to concern yourself with games, live chat with other players and fun, nothing else. We strive to provide fast payment services, both when you want to fund your account and when you are ready to withdraw your winnings or referral earnings.

Always remember that gambling at the casino must first and foremost be fun and entertainment and never where it will be a source of difficulties or problems.

Casino Currency

When you play our casino games you use Credits. The set exchange rate in this casino will always be 1(one) ETH = 100 000 credits. This goes both ways, both deposit and withdrawal. Minimum deposit is 0.01 ETH - Maksimum deposit is 100 ETH per week. Daily withdrawal limit is set to 10 ETH pr 24 hours. Your crypto deposits are instant once confirmed by the blockchain and withdrawals are dealt with manually as swiftly as possible directly back to your MetaMask wallet. Withdrawals are usually done within minutes, but sometimes can take up to a maksimum of 12 hours to complete.

Signup Bonus

When you sign up to the casino you get 500 Credits as Welcome Bonus. Withdrawal amount can not exceed games profits and previously made deposits. This means that bonuses can not be withdrawn directly unless they are spent to play games and you have deposited a minimum of 0.01 ETH to your Casino account.

100% Fair Play Guaranteed

Most online casinos claim to have a payout percentage somewhere between 95% and 99%. What many are not aware of is that this percentage can apply to many millions, if not more, of gaming transactions.

This means that even if the casino has their license in order and is controlled regularly, the computer system controlling the games can legally get away with taking 100% of the players bankroll over time in game loss before they reset the system and start at zero again.

At powercasino.live we use a completely different strategy and technology that benefits all players. Our games can not be set to give a certain percentage return. With Provably Fair technology, every single game will be completely random and 100% independent of previous games and transactions.
You can read more about Provably Fair in our games here.

Our Casino Makes No Profit From It's Users

At the powercasino.live there are no fees other than transaction fee to the payment network. The house does not make a profit from the Casino. 85% of the turnover goes back to the players and games in the casino such as referral program, jackpots and liquidity for the payment of prizes. The remaining 15% get's pushed into the Power Stake Community Platform each Saturday to benefit all the Power Coin holders.

Instead of the developers of powercasino taking dividends or some form of commission from the return to the casino, we have created a completely unique concept that is unparalleled in the industry!

Earn Instant Ethereum Dividends From All Turnover In The Casino Each Week!

A minimum of 15% of the weekly profits from the casino are transferred to The Power Stake Community Platform which is instantly distributed as Ethereum dividends to everyone who holds the POWER coin on that platform.

The Power Stake Community Platform is a volume based dividends earning platform that pays all POWER coin holders 20% dividends through all buying/selling volume on the platform! Dividends are paid in Ethereum instantly and proportionally relative to the total POWER circulating supply. Sharing your referral link earns you more than 6% of the total from a new purchase (30% of the 20% generated dividends).
Visit The Power Stake Community Earnings Platform

If you’d like to get in touch with our friendly customer service department, you can always reach out to us in ourTelegram group
You can also reach us by sending an email to support@powerstake.live